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AC20-B to AC60-B, Nuevo tipo modular, filtro de aire + regulador + lubricador

SMC'S new AC-B series of modular type F.R.L. unit is available in six basic sizes and is interchangeable with the existing modular AC line. The AC-B series has a maximum set pressure of 125 psi and offers embedded gauge and pressure switch options not found in the AC-A. The element and bowl on the AF series is now one-piece, making element replacement easier. Required maintenance space has been reduced by as much as 46% on the AFseries, depending on the body size. Bowls on size 30 and up are now covered with a transparent bowl guard, completely protecting them from the enviromnent, and making the interior contents visible from 360 degrees. The base color of the new AC-B is uban white, maintaining a clean, modern look.

  • Air filter, regulator and lubricator unit
  • Clean looking, urban white, modular design
  • Energy saving with high flow rate
  • Transparent bowl guard
  • Mounting interchangeable with existing product
  • Improved installation
  • Embedded gauge and pressure switch options available
  • Rc, G, or NPT threads


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